Vulnerability Management

Patch Management

Automate the entire process of monitoring and deploying patches for IT applications.


Networks that are missing security patches are vulnerable to security breaches. Overwatch Technology makes it easy by automating the entire process. Everything from downloading and deployment of missing patches to remediation is handled efficiently. Whatever the platform, the dashboard will notify when updates to existing software are available and when vendors have indicated that the patches are critical.

Traffic Monitoring

Protect against botnets/malware and phishing sites.


Up-to-the-minute Traffic Monitoring will keep you apprised of any compromised machines. Traffic Monitoring is 100% self-sufficient, relieving your IT team of duties to update or manage blacklists.

Firewall Checker

Ensure all systems have properly configured firewalls.


Keeping the Windows (or third party) firewall enabled when users are outside a network requires constant monitoring. That’s exactly what our Firewall Checker provides. This invaluable feature not only closes up security holes but it allows software firewall misconfigurations to be identified, saving clients valuable time. And since Overwatch Technology integrates with Windows’ Firewall Checker, it’s compatible with all vendors.

You’ll always know whether machines outside a network have their firewalls enabled, avoiding potential network fires.


Our Firewall Checker:

  • Ensures firewalls are properly set
  • Monitors systems used outside the office
  • Integrates with Windows Security Center/Action Center

Antivirus Checker

Makes sure your customers systems’ anti-virus protection is up-to-date and working properly.


Overwatch provides a singular solution is Antivirus Checker, which makes sure systems are installed with zero-day antivirus protection.

Notifications, Reports and Dashboards

Gain insight into and control of your network.



Set thresholds on critical issues and receive e-mail or text message notifications when certain problems are discovered.



Provide your customers with detailed reports which provide system performance, asset management, software update logs as well as vulnerability and compliance issues.



Extremely sophisticated technology is built into the Overwatch Technology Dashboards, which detect and notify our clients about behavior that appears abnormal.

Identify problems and bottlenecks

You’ll receive a fresh report that spotlights the current network health status, including information about software usage, log-on history, and hardware that last appeared online. Missing hardware can be tracked via the geo-location feature.


Audit IT

Provide the finance department with the latest hardware and software reports within the network for assistance in the budgeting and buying process.


Analyze IT Performance

Reporting tools measure help desk capabilities and assist in making strategic decisions. Additionally, clients will be able to gauge service quality, forecast future hardware and software trends, and get a real-time graphical overview of project KPIs in one centralized location.


Track your Assets—Users, Hardware, and Software

Stay on top of the status of aging hardware, operating systems, and real-time software assets with ongoing monitoring capabilities. Extract the exact data needed and put it into CSV, PDF or Excel. Schedule reports to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and specify who will receive the information.