Banking from Beijing? Button up web traffic by restricting IP addresses


Banking from Beijing? Button up web traffic by restricting IP addresses

Banking from Beijing? Button up web traffic by restricting IP addresses!

Does your sandwich shop sell to Shanghai or your medical practice treat patients in Moscow? If not, why does your company’s website stay open to those countries?

The fix to block IP traffic from certain countries is easily accomplished, but most people don’t think about it, yet Overwatch does. It is part of our comprehensive enterprise service offerings. While more people are working from home, now is a great time to consider all the security touchpoints to your business.

When setting up a business website or establishing internet access, people rarely consider where their web traffic will come from. Automated hacking tools are always working, testing a website’s security again and again, trying to find the tiniest vulnerability. The default setting for IP traffic is “no filter”, so failing to make a choice leaves your website open to every corner of the globe.

Since 2006, China and Russia have annually topped the list of countries perpetrating the most-damaging cyberattacks. A good place to start is restricting IP addresses from those two countries, keeping them from accessing your website or your network. Ukraine, Iran and Israel often make the news for similar incidents, so you may want to consider blocking those countries as well.

If you think hackers can easily mask their IP addresses and continue doing bad things, and you are correct. A determined burglar can gain access to your home despite an alarm system, a Ring camera, a barking dog, door lock deadbolts or nosy neighbors. Each example serves merely as a deterrent designed to frustrate potential burglars to look elsewhere. Considering the odds of success, burglars will choose the path of least resistance, attacking those who are the most vulnerable or are paying the least amount of attention. 

When Overwatch performs IP blocking services for business customers, there is usually an immediate downtick in web traffic to the customer website. This underscores the idea that an overwhelming amount of malicious cyber traffic originates from just a few countries.

Due to current circumstances, more people are accessing company resources remotely and issues with potential breaches and slower web performance have cropped up. With your permission, Overwatch technicians have the ability to remotely access your home network and make the appropriate security setting changes to an employee’s home internet setups.

You can do this for yourself, although most will shy away from tinkering with the intricacies of their home internet servers. Your internet service providers have settings on their firewalls and/or routers to allow IP blocking. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s safer to let a pro handle it.