Availability Monitoring

Availability Monitoring

Keep tabs on everything from servers and computers to email services and peripherals to keep your network problem-free.


Our dependable cloud-based solution delivers first-rate Availability Management and Monitoring to make certain that networks operate problem-free around the clock.

The Overwatch Technology Dashboard allows you to track in-depth information on everything from servers, computers, network devices, email services and peripherals. This all-inclusive system will identify and correct potential issues, improve uptime, and keep networks secure – all the time.

Servers Availability

Keep tabs on your server’s responsiveness and available disk space in an effort to reduce downtime.


The Overwatch Technology Availability Management and Monitoring system provides thorough availability network coverage. It continuously inspects network adapters and processors for errors, benchmarking them against preset thresholds. Plus, you will be notified regarding potential issues via text and/or email should they occur while you’re away from your computer.


Monitor all computers for overloaded processors and adapter errors to improve productivity.

Network Devices

All Simple Network Management Protocol devices, such switches and routers are closely watched for availability without time-intensive configurations.


This versatile system will check for everything from responses to IP ping and traffic usage to status and non-reporting of network errors.


Certify that your NAS devices and UPS are up and running to maintain valuable uptime.


Monitoring peripherals such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are an important segment of every IT network. Overwatch provides you the tools to improve your client’s uptime.