Asset Management

Asset Management

Our cloud-based Asset Management system enables our clients to track every hardware set-up and software detail. This fully automated system is an efficient and cost-effective way of managing your customers’ assets.


Track network computers assets and stand-alone machines to gain access to more detailed information.


First, you have the ability to oversee all the computers on your client’s network with our agent-to-cloud architecture. Next, you will be able to discover specific hardware and software details and other network information such as IP, gateway, and netmask. Last, you are able to track disk, processor, memory, and power usage as well as establish remote control connections. With this pertinent information, you will have no trouble keeping end-users’ computers up-to-date to meet any and all new requirements.


Effectively manage your servers and establish remote control server connections.


Overwatch Technology helps you manage your clients’ servers by providing you with relevant information; domains servers, online/offline status, models, manufacturers, and operating systems. Our software even provides the finer details like log-on history, location on map, installed software, and service agreements.